Phily Estates offer management for clients all over the UK and are able to assist in all size and scale of Property Maintenance matters, from single dwellings to apartment blocks in excess of 300 units. We are proud to be in a pottion (unless agreed) that we do not mark up or gain additional income from our Property Maintenance Services. Predominantly we work with our own trusted partners' services all types of matters from plumbing to electrical needs (the most common issues) but we will always negotiate the best price on items and from time to time with Insurance companies or other third parties to ensure all matters are in order. We encourage our landlords to ensure their properties are to the highest possible standards at the point of handover and throughout the tenancy. Property is in most instances a serious and long term investment and keeping the investment in good order and maintained ensures the value of the property is not diminished and the property can be let or when needs be sold.

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